Investment opportunities

Introduction of our portfolio of investment projects

1./ Senica - project of construction of 9 + 4 terraced houses

  • land 4500 m2 in a lucrative place
  • project with building permit
  • construction of the first stage commenced - 4.Q 2017

Possibility of investment and cooperation under the agreement-minimum investment of 300.000 EUR

2./ Mierovo - construction of 4 family houses and 8 family semi-detached houses

  • land 6000 m2
  • project state before renouncing urban land permit
  • planned acquisition of building permit by 3.Q-year 2018

The possibility of co-investment and project cooperation - minimum investment of 350.000 EUR.

3./ Investment projects for the construction of family houses and terraced houses in the areas:

Bratislava and surroundings within 35 km

Košice and surroundings

Area - High Tatras - Poprad and surroundings

Projects are presented only on the basis of client’s serious interest.