Our partners

Together we are successful

In order to provide our clients with maximum comfort under one roof when selling or renting their property, we work closely with our long-time external partners. Thanks to this synergy we can provide our clients with complexity.

HA-STO s.r.o. – real estate investment, project management

Maniké tax & Manike Office - comprehensive economic and tax consultancy, bookkeeping

Law Office - Mgr. Peter Kavulič

Law Office - JUDr. Erik Schmidt

JUDr. Jaroslav Stojka - restructuring and bankruptcy

Globins - comprehensive property insurance

LOYALTERS a.s. - mortgage specialist, financial coaching

Ing. Martina Grexová - expert in the field of construction

Mgr. Ing. Jana Pecníková - expert in the field of construction

Geodet Team - complex geodetic services

Businessslovakia.com - exclusive partner focusing on Russian speaking clients

Thermodul System Slovakia - construction of low-energy and passive houses and buildings

Ing. Zoltán Gaál - designing and engineering services, authorized architect